across the bonerverse

Lipovitan J
13 June 1985
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1. The whole are going unto one place, the whole have been from the dust, and the whole are turning back unto the dust.

2. Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not true. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good. He who knows has no wide learning; he who has wide learning does not know.

The sage does not hoard.

Having bestowed all he has on others, he has yet more;
Having given all he has to others, he is richer still.
The way of heaven benefits and does not harm; the way of the sage is bountiful and does not contend.

3. We are not your enemies
Who want to give ourselves vast strange domains
where mystery flowers into any hands that long for it
Where there are new fires colors never seen
A thousand fantasies to make sense out of
They must be made real
All we want is to explore kindness the enormous country where everything is silent
An there is time which somebody can banish or welcome home
Pity for us who fight always on the frontiers
Of the illimitable and the future
Pity our mistakes pity our sins....